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w/ Arash Zepar Dibazar

San Jose, CA and online
March 24th - 26th

The premier lifestyle philosophy for any man to take ownership of his life and his relationships. Not found anywhere else. Validated by many world class authorities. Not for the easily offended. 


  • Gain lethal communication skills
  • Develop strong, attractive qualities that high value men and women want to be around
  • Get clarity on your ambition and your unique strengths
  • Fix your mindset with advanced mental processes
  • Become more ethical and powerful in your business & relationships
  • Immediately improve all your communication channels
  • Awaken to how your thoughts affect your attitude and communication with women and men
  • More certainty in your relationships
  • Enhanced imagination abilities
  • Direct answers from AZD

Event Details

3 Day Transformation (Mar 24th-26th) with AZD.
Hyper-advanced lectures
online OR in-person

Nightly Advanced Lectures all month (about 25+) on character change work, communication techniques, lifestyle strategies, and QnA dialogue with AZD

In-person attendees get daytime mall and restaurant experiences with the top IMC players and coaches who attend in person 

Forever Access to the recordings and the private Telegram group chat


$ 697
  • $1,400 Value


$ 1047
  • $1,900 Value

What some top players say about AZD

MOE ROCK, Owner & CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune

“[AZD] is one of the world's foremost authorities in the ability to create a life, physically, that's a manifestation of the mind"

BENNY BATES, Acclaimed Def Jam rap artist

"He's the go-to guy when you want to know how to deal with women the proper way"

BRYAN CASELLA, Founder of TEAM B.C. Realty Group

"[AZD] is the only person that I continue to study… other coaches stagnate but AZD continues to evolve"

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