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w/ Arash Zepar Dibazar

Online or In Person in San Jose, CA
June 23rd - 25th


  • The most lethal communication skills on Earth
  • Develop strong, attractive qualities that high value men and women want to be around
  • Clarify your ambition and your unique strengths amongst alpha men
  • Fix your mindset and master your mood / attitude
  • Raise your ethics in business & relationships
  • Raise your certainty in life with AZD’s lifestyle habits and disciplines
  • Enhance your powers of imagination
  • Direct QnA with AZD

Event Details

3 Day Transformation (May 26th-28th) with AZD. Hyper-advanced lectures online (recorded) OR in-person

25+ Advanced Nightly Lectures throughout the month on character development, mental change-work, communication techniques, lifestyle perspectives & strategies, and QnA dialogue with AZD

In-person attendees get daytime mall and restaurant experiences with the top IMC players and coaches who attend the camp

Forever Access to the recordings and the private Telegram group chat

Attendance by special invitation only.

Requires completion of the INTRODUCTORY CAMP
(link this to the Introductory Camp page)
To inquire about attending The Chosen,
Message Captain Chris

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