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AZD, Arash Zepar Dibazar, is the founder and leader of IMC Nation. He lives with three of his main students in San Jose, California at a place called IMC Base ONE. See more about AZD in his

A worldwide movement of men, players, hustlers, kings and their queens, owing their life and destinies through communication, imagination, and the philosophies put together by IMC Nation founder AZD.

Game is one’s social strategy to relate with people and the environment to bring about their most successful survival and replication of your genes (DNA) and memes (philosophies).

Godlike confidence, ambition second to none, laser-like focus, a code of ethics that you won’t break for anyone, and the communication skills to bring about whatever you set your mind to.

The lifestyle solutions of IMC Nation are especially appealing to people who see the value of an integrated mentality and philosophy about relationships, business, and spirituality. Who you decide to be in a relationship with is among the biggest decisions in life. But relationships are probably the most misunderstood aspect of how to successfully live. Masculinity is more suppressed than ever and many “rules of the game” between men and women are hidden from us. Hence, our emphasis on the stages of courtship and relationships.

What some top players say about AZD

MOE ROCK, Owner & CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune

“[AZD] is one of the world's foremost authorities in the ability to create a life, physically, that's a manifestation of the mind"

BENNY BATES, Acclaimed Def Jam rap artist

"He's the go-to guy when you want to know how to deal with women the proper way"

BRYAN CASELLA, Founder of TEAM B.C. Realty Group

"[AZD] is the only person that I continue to study… other coaches stagnate but AZD continues to evolve"


Every month there are multiple IMC events. Here we feature two of them.


Who Lies More? IMC Private Party

in-person ONLY

Only IMC Guys

LIVE with UFC’s Nick Diaz & Martin Sano Jr.

In Person and Online

Open to the public


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Where IMC men have teamed up for business

AZD IMC Nation Gumroad

Unique products found nowhere else and first hand one-on-one recordings with AZD


Your relationships are only as good as your communications with them.

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