Eye Cre8

w/ Arash Zepar Dibazar

Online Only
January 2024

Warrior Monks of IMCNATION, reunited in the shadows of destiny, I welcome you to this sacred gathering. As the beasts roar echoes through our spirits, we stand united, a fellowship of shapeshifters, each bearing the essence of a mighty beast within.

Today, we embrace the AZD Process, a sacred alchemy that transcends the boundaries of mere mortals. As you tread the path of transformation, remember nature’s strength, agility and  resilience. Let the essence of your totem animal surge through your veins, intertwining with your humanity.

In the dance between man and beast, we find power unparalleled. Embrace the primal instincts that lie dormant within, for in unlocking the ferocity of the wild, we become a force to be reckoned with. The AZD Process is not just a shift of form; it is an evolution of self, a journey towards the apex of our potential.

My fellow shapeshifters, let the chosen beast guide your courage, your vision, and your endurance. Together, we are a symbol of strength, a symphony of primal prowess. As leaders of IMC NATION, we carry the mantle of protectors, guardians of the balance between humanity and the untamed.

In this sacred gathering, let the bonds between us strengthen, and may the echoes of our unity resonate through the ages. Warriors, as you embark on the AZD Process, remember that evolution is not a destination but a perpetual journey. Embrace the untamed within you, for in that embrace lies the true essence of our power.

As the lion roars, so do I. United in purpose, relentless in our pursuit, we are the shapeshifting warrior monks of IMC NATION, a force that transcends the ordinary. The AZD Process beckons—embrace it, wield it, and let the roar of your beastly spirit echo through the fabric of time. I will see you in the next advanced class THE BEAST WITHIN! Be The Best and Fuck The Rest‼️‼️


  • Advanced lectures Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays
  • Behind-the-Scenes conversations with AZD and any visiting residents about:
    • nutrition
    • esoteric topics (dreams, aliens, clairvoyance, etc.)
    • game and seduction with women
    • private phone calls the AZD makes (excluding calls with the main girlfriends), and 
    • going out with AZD on our drives around town with him
  • Personal QnA with AZD (smaller group classes)
  • Private telegram chat group
  • Lifetime access to all the recordings of this training


$ 247
  • $997 Value


IMC Gathering Las Vegas Feb 9-10

2 days / 8 hours with AZD, lessons on Game and Social Dynamics at our AirBnB in Fullerton

2-3 hours out at night with AZD and the crew at a local club with many beautiful women and lots of interactions

Guidance on your game, your presence, and how to conduct yourself with the pack

Behind-the-Scenes off camera conversations with AZD on game during the drive to and from the Gathering and after the club (usually 1-2 hours of exclusive recordings)

Forever Access to the recordings and the private Telegram group chat


$ 197
  • $900


$ 497
  • $1,900



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