Jose Ibarra

Ibarra, Jose aka Mister Guerrero was born February 15, 1983 in Fresnillo, Zacatecas Mexico. On July 27, 1984 his father migrated to the United States as he grew up with his brother and sister in Highland Park, California. He grew with a strong family dynamic with his mother a homemaker and father as the bread winner. Watching his father from a very young age, Guerrero inherited the value and power that comes with such a strong work ethic. Ibarra was 4 years old when he first learned from his father the art of selling ice cream. Over the years he would gain many experiences that changed how he thought about work. Ibarra and his brother had experiences such as selling sodas and peanuts at the junkyard and even hard labor at the car wash getting paid to dry cars. Ibarra has always earned what he has through hard work, discipline and continues to earn status in life through his dedication to his process.

In his youth Ibarra was often socially awkward in social settings which led to being bullied in school. He felt like he didn’t belong. As he matured in life he began his evolution when he came across the founder of IMC Nation, Arash Zepar Dibazar. Since then Ibarra, Jose has evolved into the man you now know as Mister Guerrero. As he applies his acquired knowledge and powerful techniques, his life and relationships have never been the same. Watch as his character continues to evolve and grow in strength… keep watching!

“ Let's do this shit”

- Mister Guerrero -

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