Phase one Bundle

Phase One Bundle

In this combined product, AZD pulls from the nectar of many prior Beast Camps and synthesizes his Beast Phase One Process into the main components of his lifestyle process known as “Phase One” including the philosophy of the shapeshifting warrior fighting monk of IMC, the mental alchemy and applied stoicism of Phase One, the exact calisthenics routine combined with the eating and sleeping patterns of Phase One, and the break-down of the Beast Coat of Arms sigil and how to use it.

Included is:

  • Learn to become the hero of your own life!
  • Learn the lifestyle of the most attractive man on earth, top player and #1 men’s coach on the planet, AZD!
  • Integrate the principles of Stoicism to make your character unbreakable!
  • Become the role model that you needed growing up!



Daily Physical Beasting Routine
Lectures of the AZD Process: Understanding the Philosophy of the number 1 men’s coach on the planet
Bonus: Purpose Over Pleasure eBook


The 7 day phase one physical routine listed step-by-step



AZD introduces his process, daily physical routine and the philosophy behind it. As the world’s number one relationship expert and character development coach, AZD brings to life a new archetype that will help you attract the life you’re seeking as a man. Teaching his own creative process, AZD leads hundreds of students to find and create their own process that is now the initiation to the IMC Nation movement.
The elements of part one:
  • The art of designing and creating one’s character
  • Aggressive alpha male stoic principles that help to free your masculine mind
  • Inner alchemy on how to free yourself from the mental chains of the environment that raised you
  • How to lead the woman as an alpha male
  • Communication strategies to handle communications with men and women
  • How to turn your psychological pain and suffering into passion and power
  • How to change your body form and figure into an attractive beast
  • Building character through your daily living
  • Activating the Animal Magnetism inside of You
  • The Philosophy of Urban Monk-hood
  • The mindset of a dangerous man

LECTURE ONE.mp4 (3h 15m 05s)

LECTURE TWO.mp4 (2h 40m 05s)

LECTURE THREE.mp4 (1h 08m 09s)


LECTURE FIVE.mp4 (2h 36m 58s)

LECTURE SIX.mp4 (2h 48m 59s)


In July 2020, during the height of the worldwide pandemic and global lockdown, AZD gives the living philosophy of the Beast and details how to integrate it into your daily lifestyle (streamed @ IMC Beast Center in San Jose, CA)
The elements of part two:
  • The philosophy of the stoic warrior fighting monk
  • The specific code of the beast, an “algorithm” for How to Survive, Adapt & Thrive in any environment
  • Triggering her genetic nature (attraction)
  • Generating your own energy – the philosophy of the Wheel
  • Becoming the Prophet of Your Religion – the story of the barefoot philosopher
  • The true meaning of Amor Fati – the practice of the Tent
  • The warrior’s interpretation of pain
  • How to date women as the modern warrior
  • The morals of the beast
  • Introduction to the disciplines of the warrior fighting monk : Wake Up, Reading assignments, Daily Calisthenics, Sleeping on the Floor, Stoic Alchemy, The Diet of the Beast
  • Confronting life with your character
  • The mindset of a protector of loved ones
  • The art of prayer

LECTURE ONE.mp4 (2h 41m 24s)

LECTURE TWO.mp4 (1h 59m 33s)

LECTURE THREE.mp4 (56 mins)

LECTURE FOUR.mp4 (47 mins)

LECTURE FIVE.mp4 (1h 00m 32s)

LECTURE SIX.mp4 (1h 46m 54s)

LECTURE SEVEN.mp4 (1h 16m 22s)

LECTURE EIGHT.mp4 (1h 44m 23s)



As the AZD process evolves, four men move into the original Base One to learn directly from AZD. This beast camp, located in the heart of Campbell, CA, features the very first guardians in IMC Nation!
The elements of part three:
  • The significance of a schedule
  • How to Communicate as the beast
  • Designing Your Hero in the game of Life
  • Creating the temple of self-exploration
  • Becoming obsessed with your own process
  • Speaking to the world as the beast – The philosophy of the beast
  • Handling the world’s darkness as the beast
  • Understanding the monk lifestyle – Sleeping outside, the philosophy of the urban monk
  • How the beast posts on instagram
  • Consciousness exercises – Shifting consciousness
  • Living in the beast temple
  • Integrating the philosophy of nature – understanding sleep cycles, seasons, forces of nature
  • The hero code – understanding the philosophy of the Hero
  • Speaking on the condition of the world as the beast

LECTURE ONE.mp4 (1h 59m 46s)

LECTURE TWO.mp4 (23 mins)

LECTURE THREE.mp4 (2h 26m 08s)

LECTURE FOUR.mp4 (2h 05m 58s)



AZD exposes the archetype of the beast to the world, aims to further define his character with a new perspective on relationships, and discusses how to stay dangerous to your environment!
The elements of part four: 
  • Understanding The Diet of the Stoic Warrior Monk
  • How to Present Yourself – Addressing your attire as a modern man
  • Displaying your survival value – How to Survive, Adapt & Thrive during the Worldwide Pandemic
  • Our protocol with women – How we handle women within the walls of IMC nation
  • How to seduce her with your character
  • Activating your archetype – an extensive imagination process
  • Interacting with your family members
  • The difference between spirituality and a spiritual warrior
  • Leveraging your masculinity in 2020
  • How to become the man that you always wanted to be
  • The evolution of the male-female dynamic – stop being nice to women!
  • How to stay dangerous to your environment

LECTURE ONE.mp4 (36 mins)

LECTURE TWO.mp4 (1h 38m 09s)

LECTURE THREE.mp4 (1h 59m 15s)

LECTURE FOUR.mp4 (1h 18m 22s)

LECTURE FIVE.mp4 (4h 40m 04s)



AZD teaches re-calibration of your character, reviews acting techniques from his mentor, Manu Tapou, expands on the AZD process and annihilating the weaknesses in your character.
The elements of part five:
  • Learning the power of the fourth wall – an acting technique from AZD’s teacher, Manu Tapou
  • Learning to speak with energy – vocalizing yourself
  • The significance of the ritual – refining your wake up routine and daily schedule
  • Character calibration – Calibrating your character to your women
  • Daily journaling – Integrating the journal practice into your routine
  • Multiple women – The philosophy behind multiple women
  • The difference between a beast and a bitch – the core principle of the warrior monk
  • How to use seductive speech in character
  • How to handle a shit test – how to responds to women with character
  • Annihilating your weaknesses –  A method for eliminating the weaknesses in your character

LECTURE ONE.mp4 (2h 29m 26s)

LECTURE TWO.mp4 (2h 05m 26s)

LECTURE THREE.mp4 (1h 49m 48s)

LECTURE FOUR.mp4 (3h 33m 32s)



AZD teaches how to design your character storyline, how to communicate your character’s philosophy to the world, transmuting negative into positive energy as well as teachings on how to use the physics of the mind to create your character.
The elements of part six:
  • The fundamentals of character development
  • Finding your freedom – defining your archetype
  • Learning to persist in the face of adversity – focus on what you want & go get it
  • The dangerous vibe – becoming a threat to your environment
  • How to seduce the world through your ideas – understanding your commitment to personal evolution
  • Transmuting negative energy into positive energy – Living alchemy
  • Understanding the physics of your mind
  • Leveraging your daily routine – Gain control of mind and body through your process

LECTURE ONE.mp4 (3h 34m 01s)

LECTURE TWO.mp4 (1h 43m 03s)

LECTURE THREE.mp4 (1h 31m 15s)

LECTURE FOUR.mp4 (2h 12m 13s)



The last gathering before the shift from phase one to phase two of the AZD process, AZD teaches how to activate the image of your beast, reveals a deeper meaning of stoicism, shares how to apply the laws of alchemy in a relationship and the secret code of the Stoic warrior fighting monk.
The elements of part seven:
  • How to measure the significance of your words in your universe
  • Creating the image of your character through language
  • Defining seduction through the eyes of the beast – how to look at a woman as a beast
  • The logic of the warrior monk – choosing logic over emotion
  • The power of the stoic – decoding the language of the beast (stoicism)
  • Becoming a representative of God, a warrior’s tribute
  • Modern Mating – a new mating strategy for men
  • Integrating the laws of alchemy in your relationship
  • Activating your sexual presence as a man
  • Demonstrating your confidence
  • Turning your problem into a process
  • Exemplifying God-like confidence – a demonstration of confidence as a beast
  • The secret code of the beast – what makes you dangerous as a man in IMC Nation (a teaching from the Red Dragon)

LECTURE ONE.mp4 (2h 13m 54s)

LECTURE TWO.mp4 (2h 23m 40s)

LECTURE THREE.mp4 (6 mins)

LECTURE FOUR.mp4 (3h 04m 39s)

BONUS – AZD & BC .mp4 (43 mins)



Bonus offers – included with the Phase One Beast Process includes special behind the scenes clips of AZD and a special eBook called Purpose Over Pleasure.

Purpose Over Pleasure Final.pdf

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