AZD’s Mastermind University

7 days a week IMC Nation mastermind with AZD on the philosophies and skills of confidence, focus, ambition, ethics, communication skills, and how to be the best and fuck the rest.


A “best-of” compilation of 9 bootcamp events by AZD from 2020-21 which covered what became known as the Beast Process – a complete course on the lifestyle habits, physical habits, and daily disciplines of the IMC Warrior Shapeshifting Stoic Monk.

Collections of lecture notes and stories from living with or training with AZD.

One of a kind multi-week advanced trainings from the past that are a level above the ORIGINS training. These are each a collection of recordings, behind-the-scenes, and typed notes of AZD’s most advanced character skills from that time period. Never repeated.

Rise Of The King

Code Dracula

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