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MAIN EVENT 3 days with AZD. The differences between the BEAST and Zepar and how to calibrate your beast to seduction

Behind the Scenes audio conversations with Arash while he picks up super fine women, or after video blogs, or while we’re out I capture these conversations from the passenger seat

Night time lectures about 4-5 times per week, small group and interactive, shorter than Brotherhood of the Beast and higher level, meatier, and more technical

Forever Access to all these recordings and my notes

ONLINE & In Person

Frequently asked questions

A 3 day immersive transformation into the AZD IMC methods, processes, mindsets with AZD (Arash Zepar Dibazar) and guest speakers.

A combination of primarily stoic philosophy, calisthenics and other physicalities like martial arts and yoga, mental processes and visualization, meditation, and the mindset and alchemy methods of Arash Zepar Dibazar.

Check the camp page because the offerings may change month to month.

Depends on your standing with IMC nation, how long you’ve been a student and how well we know you.

You’ll be added to a Telegram group with all the details. Usually LIVE attendees stay as a Temple resident or they group together for rooming. You’re responsible for your food and travel. See the camp page for event specifics.

If you have to ask, it’s not for you.

Monthly BASE ONE events. Other bases and monks will do pop up events in between main events as well.

  • Video testimonies for online camps. It’s amazing how much you can change through a zoom call with AZD. It’s all about the communication and the secrets of the mind and imagination along with the data/information that creates the change in your being.


Game is life and life is game. The lie is that you’re good with women. You are over leveraged, over interested, and in denial about how many of your decisions are under the influence of your sexual agenda. Business success and spiritual fulfillment are not separate from relationships, but relationships and masculinity are the most suppressed they have ever been in men, and your life will open up in many financial and spiritual ways when you see clearly the genetic code that underlies all human interactions, including your own.


"I realize that I was wrong in my thinking in many subjects In life and I need to follow my passions. I need to embody the teachings and become the best in everything I do. Also, to become an ethical human being. "
Rick Evenou
25, Owner of OneStop Customs
"Words can't even describe it. Spiritually everyone gets hit. The spiritual awareness is crazy. It's mind-blowing, words can't even describe it (beast camp). You have to experience it for yourself."
Adam Ferguson
33, Youth Mentor/Business Owner
" I had a huge break through after beast camp. Sometimes with our own communications we are running over people. When you have control of your communication, and you are aware of it, imagine the relationships now your able to improve "
Jose Raul Cervantes
38, Business Owner and Visionary
"If you have your values set. That's why it's important to find a group like this because the values are set by someone who is a well representative AZD. Look at his live. That's why I had to look for my self and have a conversation with him"
Jose Rodriguez
22, Real Estate Investor/ Agent
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