Aris is the first musician to be accepted and currently completing a Medical School Masters degree in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation in Greece. He also is a virtuoso pianist in jazz and classical music, studied film scoring, music production, writing and live performance at Berklee in Boston. After that he toured in the US and Europe as a jazz musician and later moved on to another degree on music pedagogy and communication for children between the ages of 0-6 and 6-18 at University of Nicosia in Cyprus while simultaneously completing his mandatory army service over there . 

He is a multiple scholarship recipient by all the aforementioned institutions. 

He has been successfully training children, including kids with learning disabilities varying from severe attention deficit to spastic tetraplegia, individually and in groups for 5 years. In this time he devised methods to teach music up to ten years faster to save his students time. 

Aris was brought up in the theater world as he comes from a family of directors, actors and writers and has more than 20 years of practical experience as an actor having been part of more than 120 theatrical productions either as a stage actor or a music composer. In that time he taught hundreds of actors ear training, music and co directed plays. 

Prior to receiving a scholarship from Berklee at 19 years old and moving to the US he attended the National University of Greece where he studied Theater, Directing and acting with the top actors and directors of the country.


Aris is currently releasing his live album titled “MIDNIGHT SCREAM” for which he designed and performed all the instruments.

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