Attention: Men who strive for excellence in their dating, mindset, and communication skills.

Discover The Forbidden Secrets Of Effective Communication and Persuasion With This Very Exclusive Group Hosted by The World’s Top Relationship Expert, Arash Zepar Dibazar

-Tyler Pal
Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Midday Gospel  has dramatically improved my confidence, my ability to communicate, and my creativity. The philosophies we discuss in class continue to raise my consciousness every day. I have never felt stronger.

Miracle Jay Phoenix, AZ

Midday gospel is the best program for a man to improve his mindset, relationships, health, business, and all-around lifestyle. 

This mastermind has connected me with men worldwide and opened opportunities of a lifetime for me. 

AZD is a master of communication and relationships, which is necessary to understand a better life.

-Tre Milano
Portmore, Jamaica

Midday Gospel has changed my life in ways I have no words for. 

Midday Gospel has removed the thorns of thoughts, and I have had tremendous realizations and improvements in my life.

Johny Ranger
San Jose, CA

Joining the Midday Gospel will expose you to communication technology you can’t afford to miss.No matter what position you find yourself in.

Joining this Mastermind is exactly what Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich.

-Daniel Newberry,
San Jose, CA

AZD consistently delivers high-level knowledge in an entertaining and informative way. 

Since listening to Midday Gospel I’ve become more confident with myself and with women, growing spiritually, mentally, and physically.

-Chris Lopez,
Los Angeles, CA

AZD’s Midday Gospel Class has helped me improve my communication with men and women. I use these teachings every day in my dating life and my business. My income has increased by 77% in the last 12 months.

my confidence in myself is at an all-time high. My relationships have greatly improved. I feel incredible, and I’m only getting better and better by learning from AZD.

-Master Mycellf
Phoenix, AZ

Midday Gospel has changed every waking moment of my reality. I have been integrating these technologies since the inception of this program and I have seen the evolution of this mastermind grow over the last two years and every day is entirely different. 

Each class is a testament to the character and ethical nature of AZD and his many teachings that have not only created the lifestyle he teaches about, yet have been extremely influential in the maturation of my spiritual process and the expansion of my consciousness. 

Jai guru dev to AZD and all the masters that came before him.

-Eros Guzman,
Las Vegas NV

Midday Gospel is one of the most life-changing products I’ve ever invested in. Listening to AZD in Midday Gospel helped me improve my communication and mindset. In every teaching, you’ll find a golden piece of knowledge that changes me internally. For me, Midday Gospel isn’t just a product, but it’s a real mastermind group for men designed to level up my game in life.

-Alex Palacio
San Jose California.

The value that AZD provides is astronomical, and the teachings constantly evolve and get updated as time goes on, keeping things fresh and in current times.  

This isn’t your ordinary knowledge that you can search up on youtube; it’s a whole entire lifestyle. The knowledge and lifestyle that AZD teaches through his own accumulated wisdom can’t be found anywhere else.

It brought me to levels I never thought possible with my relationships. Amazing experiences with women and strong alliances with men.

My physique is stronger, my mind is unplugged from the ordinary matrix that everyone’s stuck in.

Sultan Parvanta
Campbell, CA

I’ve been a part of Midday Gospel and IMC for over 2 years, and AZD’s depth of communication in his teaching has completely altered my character in ways I never imagined possible.

The Phoenix
Nelson, NZ

Even though we study the art of language and communication, no words can genuinely and authenticly capture and describe the experience taught in Midday Gospel lectures.

Dr. Skriptz
Kolkata India

These paradigm-shifting teachings at Midday Gospel are the evolution of social dynamics and masculine lifestyle. If you’re looking for identity-level transformation, this is that daily temple. Tap In!

Najim H.
Los Angeles, CA

My primary purpose in joining Azd and his teachings was to help my business grow. After the first week of class, I quickly realized this is not only going to help my sales but also my life. Since I started in 2020, I have lost 40 lbs, and have better relationships and clear communication with my family, my children, and their mothers; sales have increased, and I feel more confident, clear-minded, and less fatigue. 

Azd’s teachings gave me an understanding on how to create an unbreakable mindset that can bring out the full potential of the ever-evolving man.

Lectures 6 days per week to keep you accountable and on track

Daily mindset calls with AZD on inner game

Learn the forbidden techniques on Seduction & Advanced Game and become the most attractive version of yourself

Unique approach to Persuasion to get what you want in life

Inside Midday Gospel you’ll:

  • Get access to the secret teachings of AZD that can be used to communicate effectively and persuade with ease.
  • Understand the key to attracting multiple beautiful women in any social situation. (Bars, social clubs, gym, yoga classes)
  • Become an ethical persuader, build tribes, and lead them.
  • Get Access to 100’s of past recordings of AZD’s Daily lectures.
  •  Know when a woman is into you by her signals. 
  • Join the IMC Nation Tribe and gain access to successful members. (Coaches for investment, dating, and mindset)
  • Get in touch with other tribe members and learn from them. Ensure accountability. 
  • Learn why It is never a good idea to lie to your girl, even if you are looking for multiple partners and how to be ethical.
  • Get access to the special beasting process used by AZD.
  • Develop a sense of masculinity and leadership. Be more dominant.
  • Learn the art of  Verbal Juijitsu
  • Develop your power in your daily life, at work, and in social settings.
  • Find out how you can appear more attractive to women
  • How to start taking pride of who you are as a man. 
  • Learn the techniques and  Master the art of Storytelling to move people emotionally. 
  • Learn to be your most genuine self. 
  • This is the fastest way to self-help.
The AZD teachings are very powerful and should not be taken lightly.  Once you sign up and begin learning them, it is imperative that you use these teachings carefully and ethically.  Experiencing the power of the AZD teachings can be transformational, but with this newfound power also comes great responsibility.  Before taking full advantage of all that these teachings have to offer, one should seriously consider how they will ethically use them in order to ensure personal growth without detrimentally impacting others or the world.  Though these teachings may impart a great degree of power, it is important to recognize the seriousness of their purpose and treat them with respect by taking an ethical approach to their usage.

$97 Month, Cancel anytime.

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