ArAsh Dibazar

#1 Pickup And Seduction Artist

Every couple thousand years someone appears that changes the course of civilization. That man is Arash Dibazar also known as AZD

AZD, Arash Zepar Dibazar, known for his unparalleled understanding and expression of male-female code in relationships, what he calls “nature’s code”, is the owner and founder of the global #imcnation movement, a living philosophy and lifestyle movement built on the shoulders of giants such as L. Ron Hubbard, the Buddha, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Michael Singer, Lao Tzu and many great authors of antiquity, the ancient Stoic greats, Ayn Rand, Manu Tapou, Erik Von Marovic a.k.a. Mystery, plus many others. He’s the first black belt under Gracie Brazilian JiuJitsu master Sandra Batada, and a black belt under Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster Ernie Reyes.

AZD is one of the top modern west coast music producers with over 24 features with world-acclaimed artists such as Remy Ozama, Sneakk, Big Rome, Trap Dollaz, Berner, and more. He’s been featured in films like An Hour to Kill (2018), Light Visions (2019) Sex, Drugs & Nasty Nails (2018), and The Process (1998)

After AZD learned the Mystery Method of picking up women from his teachers Mystery, Matador and Discovery, he earned the title of Pickup Coach of the Year in 2012 & 2013 before retiring the award. He’s released over six-thousand YouTube Videos from which he built his relationship consulting business and grew the IMC Nation movement. Utilizing Facebook and now Instagram he demonstrates daily his lifestyle, no gimmicks, raw and real.

For his expertise on lifestyle and relationships AZD’s been featured on Playboy Radio, Knowledge for Men, (etc. etc.). He hosted the cable TV show IMC Academy Live and owned several successful businesses including the world renowned IMC Women’s Fitness Center and the IMC Martial Arts Academy. He now lives in the world’s first stoic temple of its kind, Base ONE San Jose, where he teaches 365 days per year in his tribal meeting, called the Dragon’s Lair, and his advanced inner circle group, called the Gathering of Beasts.


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