Base oNE Monks

In Aug 2020 four men moved in with AZD (Arash Zepar Dibazar) to create the world’s first stoic temple of its kind. IMC Base One Stoic Temple was built on the AZD IMC process, which combines stoicism (among other philosophies) with the venusian arts, the martial arts, and the acting tech of Manu Tupau (AZD’s deceased mentor). The Base hosts outside visiting residents and elite transformation weekend trainings. The following are bios of the permanent residents of IMC Base One, followed by the bios of other top IMC Nation men.

Arash Zepar Dibazar

Founder of IMC Nation, World's Foremost Relationship Expert & Character Development Coach for Men

Chris De Vilbiss, PhD

IMC Nation Captain and Director of Operations for Base One, Founder of 9th Limb Yoga

Sultan Parvanta

Executive Director of IMC Royalty Modeling , Base One Guardian

Fernando Caro

Founder Caro Real Estate, Base One Guardian

Top IMC Monks

"Powerhouse" Alex Cervantes

Los Angeles Koos'eh

"Oracle" Raul Cervantes

Los Angeles Koos'eh

Bryan Casella "BC"

Miami Koos'eh


Las Vegas Lieutenant, Head Pick Up Coach & Base Leader for Base IV

"Guerrero" Jose Ibarra

Los Angeles Lieutenant

"Monster" Adam Ferguson

Alexandria, Virginia Lieutenant

"Master" Pyro

Lead Videographer & Director, Los Angeles

Wil Rios

San Jose, California Base Leader for Base II

"Mr" Jordan Demari

Phoenix, Arizona

"Miracle J" Jayson Phillips

Phoenix, Arizona

"Prince Corleone" Shamir Khan

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tony "TK" Kasmiski

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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