Tribal Council

Leaders must fall in love with their own struggles and their own success. With the Tribal Council understandings you can deliver your core values to your people. Lead your friends, customers, and girlfriend(s) away from their insecurities and toxicity. “When you see you’re helping people from their perspective, you treat it differently. We become the example of the character we want to see.”- AZD.  The world is full of negativity and injustice. That’s why women need powerful leaders to protect their vision. With the Tribal Council teachings you’ll live your life like your life depends on it. Make your people feel good and right, create more positive than the environment can create negative, and convey your values for your people to follow.

14+ hours of AZD breaking down leadership and the tribal code.

5 hours of Behind the Scenes recordings from living with AZD at Base One Temple.

Lifetime Google Drive access to recordings within 24 hrs of the event.


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