Eros Guzman, born in the Philippines,  learned the values of human connection, family, and being kind to others from the eastern culture. At the age of 14yrs old, he moved to the United States to begin his spiritual journey and has since come to learn, experience and adopt western culture.

This man is dedicated to the IMC teachings, it’s values, and the application of all the knowledge he’s acquired over the years. His study of the Venusian art (Mystery Method) has changed his life forever in regards to women, as he has progressed from chump to player. Using this same method to help and teach other men to know how to be more confident in set and how to use their skills to become deadly when it comes to the mating game of men and women. He works shoulder to shoulder with the IMC greats and has acquired the title of Head Coach for the IMC Pick-Up Arts division. In addition he has also acquired the title of IMC Lieutenant with an objective to not only help enlighten the ethical men in IMC Nation but also help to change the world.

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